EZI Solutions was founded by me, Zach Yacumakis. I have experience in the photographic field of more than 20 years and worked as head of Universal Image's Technical department, looking after their ten retail outlets for 15 years.

I have a passion for photography and technology. My aim is to give technical support to modern labs in Africa. I am doing what I love most, helping people with technical problems and people who want to expand their businesses.

The EZI Promise: EZI Solutions exists to fulfil our commitments by providing a superior service at the best of our ability.


Our Mission, Vision & Values


Our Mission:
v To add value and to make a difference
v To lead and not to follow
v To show passion for what we do and to make life easier for you, our client

Our Vision:
v Portfolio: To provide a quality of service that exceeds the expectations of our clients
v Partners: Together with our clients, create a winning network of lasting value
v Productivity: To be highly effective in what we do
v Relationship: To build an enduring relationship with every client we provide a service to

Our Values:
v To have integrity in our actions
v To find a more effective and cost efficient means to solve a problem
v To focus on building value
v To create trends that will encourage others
v To encourage creativity and to expand our knowledge
v To face challenges head-on with stamina
v To be accountable for commitments, results, and quality to customers