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Terms and Conditions

1. A 50% deposit is payable on daily and weekly contracts.

2. Deposits are nonrefundable once daily or weekly bookings have been confirmed and payments have been made.

3. EZI Solutions’ pricing is a time based service charge and does not include spares, parts, cables, additional travelling costs, sundries, or

      any financial outlay outside of the service charge. Any additional expense will be agreed upon with the client and billed over and

      above the service charge.

4. Utmost care is taken in handling apparatus, machinery, etc. however; no liability whatsoever will be taken by EZI Solutions in the

     event of breakage, accidental or otherwise.

5. In the event of the same fault recurring within a 24 hour period, normal hourly rates, including the first hour, will apply; however no

      initial call-out fee will be charged. Travelling for over one hour will be charged and will be billed per hour or part thereof. Normal

      service rates will apply after the 24 hour period.

6. EZI Solutions will not be liable if no solution to the problem can be found, or if additional expertise is required. The client will still be

     liable for any costs incurred, i.e. additional costs if applicable and the EZI Solutions service charge.

7. EZI Solutions will not be liable in the event of data loss. Data backups will only be made at the request of the client.

8. Hourly rates will apply for travelling exceeding one hour and will be billed per hour or part thereof.

9. Hourly rates will apply for the time travelled in acquiring spares, sundries, etc. and will be billed per hour or part thereof.

10. The client will be responsible for the cost of accommodation and travel if the situation deems it necessary to stay overnight.

11. There will be no callout fee charge on daily and weekly contracts; however an additional fee equal to the hourly rate will be charged

        for travel exceeding one hour and will be billed per hour or part thereof.

12. If the client, for whatever reason, decides not to go ahead with the repair or job stipulated, the client will still be liable for any costs

       incurred including the service fee and other expenses.

13. All payments are C.O.D. Cash and EFT’s are accepted. Full payment will be due at the end of the job.

14. In the event of a waiting period of more than a day, for parts ordered or any other reason, the account due is payable immediately

        for the services rendered. Once the parts arrive, or the client decides to continue with the repair, a new callout will be logged and the

        normal service charges will apply.

15. Parts, hardware and software purchased via EZI Solutions are payable up-front.

16. The time needed to repair a fault or to do an specific job can be estimated; however, due to the possibility of unforeseen

       circumstances, no guarantee can be given that a job will be completed within the estimated time frame. The client will be liable for

       the full cost ofservice.

17. Hardware purchased will be guaranteed by the relevant manufacturer. Normal service rates will apply for call-outs.

18. Software carries no guarantee.

19. Office hours are from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. After hours and weekends will be billed at one and a half times the normal rate.


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